Dinner In Barcelona With Ravi

By tasting the proposed menu you will touch coasts and lands of the countries unified by the Mediterranean sea, tastes and flavours will bring you into a spicy Moroccan suq, a crowdy Greek agorà, the genuine Italian mercato or the colourful la Boqueria market… Since all the products we use are fresh and seasonal, coming every day from the market, the menu will change every week. The dinner respects the Mediterranean diet, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, which is a nutritional model common to all the countries around the Mediterranean sea for centuries.

The three courses menu will be created by using olive oil produced by my family, organic cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables of the local farmers, different kinds of dried fruit, fresh fish from the Spanish coasts, meat from the Pyrenees, together with herbs and spices, always respecting the tradition of each country. As the Mediterranean diet, our Mediterranea! dinner also emphasizes values of hospitality, neighbourliness, intercultural dialogue and creativity, and respect for diversity.

About Ravi

“I was born in Rome-Italy, where I lived until 2010, then I moved to the beautiful Barcelona. One of my greatest passion is travelling, discovering local traditions and food. I’ve been many times in Asia, specially in the South East, from where most of my dishes take inspiration, but also in Italy where every town, every village has its proudest specialty. I like to organize dinner menus consisting of dishes that come from different areas of the world or in the same country but with a common thread that connect them, like a journey.”

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